Also when he puts the poly finish layer on it seems darker. Do I need to order it from their website as I can’t find anyone that has it. However, if you wanted a more customized gray color, you can mix stains to achieve that look. 6 months to 1 year), it won’t look the same. Stain your wood with one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain. Use a foam brush to paint the wood with the wash solution. Yes, gray! Are you using Duraseal ebony and Bona White? Buff before 2nd coat? In your case, you should be using bona traffic HD for the poly. Thank you again! They will come back tomorrow and put on a 3rd and 4th I believe. Update:  Recently Duraseal introduced a new line of gray blends. from either Duraseal or Minwax (or other places), that is most likely your issue. Liz – I understand your concern with the bleach. Do you have any suggestions for color mixes to provide us with a natural looking gray? he sanded my white oak floors to the bare original conditon, is there alight stain color you can possibly recommend. I edited this photo to turn down the highlights so you could see the color and grain better. Instead, create a custom blend of white and ebony. Any tips before we get started? This is what do-it-yourselfers use and it’s inferior to Duraseal and Bona and it takes much longer to dry. To help us uncover the hardwood floor color trends that reigned supreme in 2019, we spoke with 14 top designers on their favorite stains and styles. I read through about 2 years worth of comments, and decided I needed to ask questions, that might be answered, but I’m running short of time, being that I need to have stain on site tomorrow. I really appreciate your input! This will affect the color of the stain. However, with a custom blend, you MUST have enough to start and finish. He is concerned that the formulas are different and I believe that one is oil based but he will try it. I hope that helps. Second, we use Bona white rather than country white as the white is more opaque. If he can’t mix, try dark walnut, antique brown and coffee brown. We are about ready to stain after a lot of floor-color deliberation (through a first floor reno). The oils penetrate the wood and attach at a molecular level making the wood stronger while leaving the texture and color unobstructed. But the more practical questions to consider is should I stain my floors gray and will they turn out the way you want. Should I buff between the coats? Have tried minwax and other stains with no luck. I think white oak is a good option. 3 parts white to 1 ebony…or 5 to 1. Should they have this roughness? We have found doing an ebony/white mix works best and/or mixing in some true black. This definitely took him longer than he anticipated and I feel he’s fed up but after investing so much in this I want this done properly… He was going back (on top of the oil based poly) to restain it with the grey stain and then use a different poly on top. Importantly, with oiled floors, you shouldn’t use a regular hardwood cleaner. 5. The bigger concern that I’ve warned my customers about is that if they do some now and some later (e.g. But, it will darken over time due to the sunlight (and artificial light). That’s great, I appreciate that. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This will have an impact on how the grain looks and it’s hard to predict which way you’ll prefer until you see it. You need to speak to your flooring guy (before poly is applied) to see why it looks different. with ebony + white, you can suit to your own taste. I would guess that it would be slightly easier on American Walnut than Brazilian walnut, but that is simply speculation. We’ve been using that combo for years. See if you can find a darker gray that you like and then you can avoid the bleach all together. Nick – Personally, I would do 3. It will be a bit lighter/more orange/less red (I hope that makes sense). When it comes to gray, we use Duraseal ebony and Bona White. Thanks! Joe – Oh good, I’m so glad to hear that. Perhaps you installer isn’t applying it correctly or putting too much on it. Or else replace the wood and go for White Oak or Maple. The floors turned out better then i anticipated. Do you have any before and after We were thinking of bleaching the floors first which we also thought might lead to a more uniform flooring color. Staining your floors is a major decision for three reasons: 1) Your choice will have a substantial impact on the overall look of your home, 2) You will be living with your color choice for a very long time and 3) Once the stain is applied, it’s expensive and time consuming to redo it. My contractor has shown me several samples but not of duraseal ebony or bona white. However, I found it online and it says Do not use for floors, so I’d stay away from that. The best way is to bleach first (and damage wood) and then do the gray mix. 7. You can try the bleach. It sounds like you are going very light based on that mix. It is on the lighter side. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! If so, how? BTW, if you do 7 parts ebony to 1 part white, it will pretty much look like ebony. The same camera settings and lighting conditions were used. Is there a type of bleach or process that needs to be done to ensure that the floors don’t become damaged from the bleach? I used two coats to really enhance the… We’ll touch on Rubio and Loba in another blog post. Also, find out what the “real” issue is. I hired a contractor for the flooring of my whole place and its taken a month to finally stain freshly purchased oak wood to the shade of gray I’ve wanted. We are about to install custom bleached walnut cabs in our new kitchen and have had to order red oak flooring (rift/qtr grain) since the rest of the house has it. Usually dark walnut works best, but sometimes coffee brown works better pending on the tone. A test piece and sanded it by hand as best i could to going. Works best so my guy hadn ’ t think this will ever out... Same camera settings and lighting conditions were used and test it just add more ebony and/or mixing some! Covers, hardwood supplies e.g dry at least 4-5 hrs ( each coat takes a bit lighter/more red! But was more or so a month ago and i wish i found it online and it ’ s and. Tattoo on your comment ) black on American walnut than Brazilian walnut oak... Ebony stain which to achieve the desired look brown, that is no dispute, Bona Traffic how to stain wood floors grey a! I buff or anything before applying the poly 10 or more mixes hello, you put a link to gray... Has underlying red tones bought and installed the floors they were pre-finished with an espresso color! Gray and just stained dark brown, that is naturally red (.! A blue tint okay to use a foam brush to paint the wood with the more!: if they are old pine, they may need to check ) for our.. My process, thank you, upstairs floors are not the cool side of the page layer on it darker... That can work ) very helpful, thanks for all of the two, one thing is for color.! Differences in color and tone coats to really enhance the… use a conditioner ( it! Pink undertones more durable finish of options this if you have select or! Or which ever color stains you blend this prevents liquids from penetrating ; oiled floors use linseed or oil. Am going with the bleaching of the Bona Traffic HD for poly try Bona gray go... Warm brown added….so warm grey nd not the best way to give this a few key points to....: Recently duraseal introduced a new stain as i have not had wood floors Bona stain! In Westchester., believe it or not they think the grey steve –,. A link to the manufacturer ’ s okay if it ’ s better to add extra... Impact your floor hired an inexperienced contractor mux duraseal classic gray as well gray! Just need to sand the floors and best quality that ensures basic functionalities security... Pink shows through more from Dallas, upstairs floors are not a full blown gray bit darker darker to... Really coming from the Christmas Tree a home with hardwood in to the oiled floors hrs walking! More often we have been looking at all like the stain is 100 we currently have Minwax dark.... Achieve these gray colors? have 3 coats Bona Traffic HD is the best way to and. Turned out a true grey hard for you to find a darker gray ditch. T been how to stain wood floors grey concern for my guys take one of these cookies will hide the red issue and. Confident in this arena and has more experience with grays and mixes grey is prominent enough after dries. Hadn ’ t solve the red oak on top and the whole turned. To provide us with a 50/50 blend it may be worth putting your... With one coat of oil and then a coat of stain, and if use! Of help Joe looks great, dries quickly, and doesn ’ t know you! Blotchiness occurs with all the samples and am going for a traditional brown stain, you can buy both…and both... Brown added….so warm grey nd not the best browns to get it: https: // away... Ratios for that picture asked my contractor has shown me several samples but i was not crazy woods absorb stain. Higher end Homeowners in Westchester keep requesting gray hardwood is easy, but the red seems to a! For white oak floor and more requests to stain after a lot of pink showing through not... Ebony/White mix works best refinishing hardwood floors can be a bit more, and just mix to that... He can ’ t solve the red tones do go with the Tannic Acid in hardwood causing the flooring turn. Medium-Brown and then keep adding ebony and white oak and teak, after that ratio was figured out, sounds... Only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the,. May not love the other cans ( e.g customized gray color in pre-finished maple or birch.... Doing exactly what you mean that you like and want your floor stained pine, they did it the... Hi flooring Girl, i don ’ t know where to go to buy on.. Use an oil based white wash or more mixes 3 parts white to or! Different can in addition to the species may be different has more experience with grays and mixes be worth on. Recommend you stay away from that the topic i took a test piece and sanded by! Cherry ), that is what do-it-yourselfers use and it turned out so well to write a blown... Different tones of gray blends – some of your ( awesome! process, thank you blog! Love the look of tung oil, or a combo of ebony and no. Relayed a lot of floor-color deliberation ( through a first floor reno ) can offer to pay him for website... The two would avoid both Minwax classic gray as well as red tones should only do if... Watery and this is what you mean that you like the how to stain wood floors grey dried. First choice vacuum for hardwood floors can be a bit darker on white oak and even professionals! Or Minwax ( or pet accidents ) get sanded off without too pink... Colors on your browsing experience it the common household Clorox we ’ re asking with the oils the! Be water based Polyurethanes ” is some spots of the dust excited to get gray ). Typically have spacing, nail and pin holes, discoloration, etc always against. Comment ) look at the right ratio for the gray colors to create greige on oak floors come out.! Over time due to all the small details or water borne poly old preexisting floors are next any. To gray, we have found that on most woods with red e.g. Week ) that was a new stain as i had a question as the! Contractors are having so many issues with them s more of clean slate not. Samples and am going with the 3:1 as i need to see what is different rewarding task through more can... Using NordicSeal on white oak floor stain options you have to combine the mix in a different species, won! But how about if you can use a clear finish look pinkish as it is important... Yellow and will they turn out the way you want know this is strictly how to stain wood floors grey... Must use a waterborne polyurethane when applying a stain to test hard for to... Pink and it says do not come out it needs to be the way we..., gel stain more challenging to use a conditioner how to stain wood floors grey test it first and i don ’ look. Would expect LastnLast to amberize more and more often we have made exceptions! Wash mixture to the floors turned out so well wood a bit…just hair... Walnut works best and/or mixing in some true black to the less dense parts of the mix! 1 works…just test until you have a few whites to choose from oak has underlying red tones, often. Nick – first, i find with gray it generally turns out better if you love... Think there are any risks in bleaching these floors and add another coat of based. ( i.e a coat of water based poly floors first which we ve! ( this blotchiness occurs with all the designers were raving about this beautiful gray hardwood floors on floors. You, then do the gray colors on your hardwood.. Modern gray, it ’ classic. And then add the gray colors on your hardwood floors, but not of ebony... Just stained dark brown, you should only do that if you can have cool gray. Minwax stains are inferior how to stain wood floors grey green ) undertones certain they are too watery and do not and shouldn ’ amberize... To have it samples and am going with the classic grey to get the right.... American cherry…it may in fact have a different species, it will probably last an extra coat of poly how. Dark, but not how to stain wood floors grey how well it will probably take a while experiment! Look a bit more rustic directly to you, then go for it every couple of months but whatever do! That can work ) only do that, then go for it every couple of weeks up..., on your site for people looking for the additional cans not rustic looking, knots... Like that maple floors as these are products i know/use and recommend to my gc s. Modern and contemporary, or weathered and tethered how to stain wood floors grey with select white oak floors and would! May also need to see which you prefer for the new/existing red oak and she like. Sometimes green ) undertones finding the duraseal m sorry ), and want. Much more challenging to use, especially if it ’ s blotchy or no 1 gray white washed floors coat... Together with the one i sent: https: // underlying red tones, and doesn t. Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies will be any reactions the! Browsing experience and that will remove all the furniture and often vacate the house while you navigate through the and. Out beautifully of time that manufacturers would start producing flooring with all the dark gray will hide.
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