But I have grown to like it. The Mx Blues, while slightly quieter than the Razer greens (Thank God) are fantastic and the feel/quality of the "clicks" is just. -louder than membrane keyboards (if that is a concern), It lives up to my expectations. Didn't feel right to me without one. Fix those keys on the next one though will ya. Very heavy duty and solid feeling, and the key presses feel amazing on the MX Browns! The only minor issue I found is on the far right end, some of the words aren't textured very well, but otherwise no complaints. Besides that the keyboard is great and I decided to purchase the gun metal instead. Keycaps that are included in the set (blue color) are of lower quality than standard black ones. With the software, you can get the 16.7M colors on each key, but only 1000 colors if you program it on the board (which is so incredibly easy to do). -RGB is beautiful I can't rate this board a 1 because other than a cosmetic defect, I love it. I wanted a menu key to the left of the rightmost control key which is possible to configure through the DIP switches on the back of the keyboard, but once this new configuration is set the menu key acts as a function key sometimes - like when starting the macro recording process - and the function key acts normally at other times - like selecting profiles or color modes. As of this review, I've had this keyboard almost three months. -Useful media keys I went with the black switch and love it. Got my Shine 7 a few weeks ago and I love it! If you are wanting a solid, smooth and high quality keyboard this is the ticket! Whether you get a good one or not is up in the air. Same results. All in all, I'm really happy with this keyboard, and I got lucky with the spacebar, as I got the Year of the Rat one (exactly the one I wanted). Im thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard and I heard the ducky shine 3 is great. The only way I have found to restore it is to unplug the keyboard from USB, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in. Yes, the RGB control and macro will take getting time but at the end of the day, the typing experience is fantastic. While black may seem to be the simplest route, the nature of zinc alloy makes achieving a truly beautiful black color quite challenging. the keyboard screams quality and feels great with Mx brown, but it has one issue major issue which is the color coming off :( I was given the orange keycaps. Overall, will be keeping it because the performance is mechanically perfect, but it is just the key caps that are visually disappointing on this $160 board. Overall, the quality and RGB of this board is amazing. Several areas along the left edge and below the spacebar have experienced significant paint chipping, for a $160 product this is disturbing to say the least. (I got mx silent red, if that means anything. The keyboard I received was flawless. The volume knob also wobbled. It breaks my heart because otherwise, this keyboard is absolutely amazing, hefty and beautiful (I went with the mx brown switches because I don't like the clicking sound as much as the tactile, and it's great for my office environment, never had a complaint yet, and it's a spectacle to look at for everyone who passes me by). The warning or lock keys are nestled right there and don't bleed any color other than white. It feels and looks good. The QC is horrible. I've loved my duckys since my DKS4 currently my fav board is my DKS6 golden white, Ducky Reveals the Shine 7 and Year of the Dog Keyboards, COMPUTEX 2021 Set To Take Place Physically in Taipei on June 1st, Computex 2020 all but Dead for PC Enthusiasts as Motherboard and VGA Vendors Mull Pulling Out, Kingston Announces HyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Computex 2020 Postponed due to COVID-19 Outbreak, Computex 2020 in Jeopardy as Taiwan Bans All Foreign Visitors, Ducky Brings a Flock of New Mechanical Keyboards to Computex, Ducky Adds to their Keyboard Lineup with the One, Zero and Blade Series, Ducky Also Announces the Secret 2 Mouse and Hurricane Chairs, Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming, No Post, Dram LED is On, Fan Spins, Realtek DCH Modded Audio Driver for Windows 10, Need BIOS for Sapphire Pulse RX580 see post please. Absolutely fantastic, get you one. Keyboard is great, but the paint is chipping off. Highly recommend the keyboard. In conclusion: It gets a '3'. -love the cherry MX Browns (Key pressure is perfect for me) Paint has chipped all over the front and side of the keyboard. -keys have a great feel when typing Running MX Silent Reds. I'm very upset it will not be something which can work for me. Thanks ducky! The keycaps should have been perfect at this price, and there seems to be a bit of a QC lottery with the spacebar, but the build quality, features, and my overall experience still make it a 5 for me. Paint chipping off, as what others have suggested here in the comments and in reddit. It turned out very well, I'm a master. I have spent $300 on Ducky keyboards in a short amount of time, and the spacebars on both were faulty. Well crafted and beautifully made. The only keycap I've had that was subpar was the extra enter key that got sent with it, which for some reason was cut unevenly so it wouldn't sit properly on the board. -keyboard design is sleek The blackout addition looks very cool, and the lighting customizations are fun as well. But it doesn't work. I'm hoping that I had received one from a batch before the paint issue was supposedly fixed. $23.99 $ 23. More innovative, more progressive, focus on what we do - Switch The World. But it doesn't affect the actual performance of keyboard and I still love it! 99. Rated 5.00 out of 5 It seems too difficult to get something like this yourself. I can't say anything about the paint yet, I just started using it. This is now my favorite keyboard. (from MK) Dear Eric, we're very sorry to hear about this issue. OVERVIEW. While I understand where being able to set specific timing for each key could be beneficial, having that as the default setting with no way to turn on a system wide default timing mode (same speed as you type is the default) seems strange to me. This is my first mechanical keyboard, and it has been an absolute pleasure so far. I recommend the keyboard, yes but I believe it's a gamble whether or not you will get one with decent painting quality. As such, I'm sorry to put this at only 3 stars, as, despite the quality of everything, the paint chips, and for the price that shouldn't happen. This thing is a tank too, heavy af, which is a good think. But, as stated multiple times before, the paint has issues. Unboxing the beautiful Ducky Shine 7 Blackout RGB LED backlit mechanical keyboard. https://www.reddit.com/r/DuckyKeyboard/comments/g529sz/shine_7_blackout_paint_chipping/ The quality looks great feels well constructed and heavy. I sent it back and got another and that one had a dead switch as well. Both of our keyboards have incredible heft to them. I'm not quite sure I'd recommend it. My invoice has nearly 200$, and that's probably USD which means it's really dear in CAD. It's very noticeable on most of the keys when trying to show off my new keyboard. Cherry Browns feel amazing! The unit is amazing and I'm very happy with it mechanically. There is the key here and there that has some kind of noticeable blockage, although for me this is not something that matters too much. The Gateron blue switch is amazing and almost identical to Cherry MX blue switch, but on the Shine 7, the Cherry MX blue just sounds better and more enjoyable to type with. I would just go with Logitech or Corsair as their QC will be much better. May need to purchase my own USB cord. Features & Features of the Ducky Shine 7 Gaming Keyboard . Very well made. Chips took ~6 months to show up. Love the keyboard but paint chip is still a problem, I bought it in May 2020 and I talked to MK and they told me to the best of their knowledge this issue has been fixed. I had no issues at all (like some previous reviews) with key caps sticking or anything similar. This is unboxing of the new Ducky Shine 7 Gunmetal Gray PBT RGB Mechanical Keyboard. I'll try emailing anyway, because if I can get a new faceplate, I would really like one. The bottom left corner of it has begun to come off, and fingernail pressure indeed will take off more paint. I do not recommend this product if you would care about such specifics. For me it's not that bad but I guess for the price I paid I would expect it to be better. I think either the stabilizer functionality for the space bar is not functioning properly or the case is too close to the space bar or maybe a little of both? 1) On keys with a legend that includes a floating center piece of black (A,B,D,O,P,Q,R,Alt,Shift,Caps4,6,8,9,0,symbol keys, others) one or more black pieces of plastic block the backlight from illuminating the entire key legend. Maybe it's not that it doesn't record but it is supposed to get all the keys? Far more than the eight that the Perixx keyboard I replaced this Ducky with had. But buyers need to know about this molding issue if they care about the RGB shining through their keyboard. In this one we are taking an in depth look at the Ducky Shine 7. … Not a lot but a small few handful keycaps have minor inconsistencies. The only thing I see as a negative is the alternate key assignment (4$, 5%, 6^, etc) are side by side instead of below the primary character. Unfortunately, it only deserves 2 stars because the paint quality is terrible. - Macro recording key combination ( [Fn Ctrl] for three seconds ) keeps disappearing. The light doesn't shine through some of the keys and in kind of random spots on the keys though so that part is true, but its not enough for me to dock a point over. - If you change the position of the function [Fn] key, it seems to mess everything up. There is downloadable software but ngl ( not gonna lie ) I can't prefer whether or not I like the new or the old update. Though I have not used it for long, the keycaps are all great and function correctly. I would avoid this color altogether. First off, this rating has nothing to do with the actual keyboard. The quality is what I'd expect from the good Ducky reviews I've seen. Anyways I appreciate this thing. My only complaint is the QC issue others have reported related to the lettering on the keys. After much debate I settled for this one, I saw the reviews and everyone spoke positively about it, mostly at least, this keyboard was actually cheaper than the my previous keyboard when I first got it 3 years ago. It's not terrible, but not great. The paint though is super terrible, and that gets a 1. The software is really light but not lightweight. I'd dance a jig if they'd fix that strange timing in the macro recording and maybe even lose the strobing LEDs at full brightness, but again these are annoyances and not deal breakers. I bought the Shine 7 in gunmetal as a return stock- good condition- on a whim. Revising back to a 4: I was able to mail my keeb back for a replacement faceplate, it does not scratch with fingernail pressure, had to pay shipping one way but it came back quick, total turnaround time was ~2 weeks. This is an extremely faulty, low-quality product in terms of consistency and range. However, this has apparently been an issue with Ducky keyboards for many years, with nothing fixed yet. Return it and have it repaint would cost $50 for the shipping. I'm not used to it just yet but it will help with my late night gaming with it being not so loud. I just have to say again I'm glad every key can get illuminated. Pros: It seems to shine through pretty much perfectly on mine, not to mention the manufacturing of the keyboard is great. Worth every penny. Also I do wish the lighting was a little brighter but the it's adequate and it doesn't really bother me. Ducky Shine 7 Blackout Edition Review! Please contact us to request an RMA so we can investigate and fix this issue for you. Special Price: $182.00 . It seems to be inconsistent between different people, though I have noticed a lot of other people complain about this as well. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy this keyboard. The Shine 7 features a beautiful Zinc Alloy top case that is three times … The first time I passed my finger to see what that grey spec was, a lot of paint just fell off, and it just won't stop. Maybe 2018 or 2019. Use the keyboard with a ThinkPad and a desktop pc dual booting Windows 10 and Linux. I would say about 20% of the keys have this issue on mine. The USB cable has stayed in place just fine for me, and I use the board on my lap so it's moved around quite a bit with the cable just hanging off the back. Not a deal breaker for me but kinda annoying considering the price of this keyboard. On the Pause key the entire bottom half of the e is not illuminated at all, same for top of e on the Home button. The group has undergone several line-up changes over the years, with Derrick "Duckie" Simpson as the … Man, I love the sound and the clickyness of the keys. This is keyboard is great, the only 1 star reviews are from people who received defective/damaged boards, it happens folks. I guess I will get used to that, and it's really nitpicking. Heavy and sturdy. Also, as many others mentioned, not all the letters/symbols on certain key caps are fully lit by the backlighting because of the design (particularly the numpad keys), however this is quite a minor issue to me personally. My praise / rant regarding Ducky Shine 7 To start with, I've owned CoolerMaster (forgot the type, board broke down) and Corsair K70 RGB (sold it). Switches: Cherry MX Brown (my first time using Cherry MXes, but I like them so far), I was initially hesitant to buy the Shine 7 due to issues I've read about the spacebar and uneven keycap quality. Received the keyboard before the ETA which was nice! In General, I recommend the keyboard to everyone. Fantastic Keyboard, the feeling is great, the -BUILD- quality is great, and the software, while barebones, works just fine. That said, I believe the manufacturing process is exceedingly difficult so only knocking it down 1-star. Cons: The RGB backlighting looks great, though. Title: Shine3_DK9008+DK9087_usermanual_v3_outline Created Date: 12/3/2013 10:01:31 PM I did however buy it though in the silent red keycap or switch. Very nice! 5/5 from me. It looks extremely ugly and quite honestly shouldn't exist on a $150 keyboard. Great keyboard, nice weight, great quality! That said, I have to wonder about QC with all of these reports of spacebar issues. This was my first Ducky keyboard and I was very excited to use it. Seems quality built from my first few days with it. Availability: In Stock. As far as 100% keyboards go it's definitely one of the best options out there - assuming you get a good one. I made the wrong choice and hope you won't. Anyways, this is probably the best keyboard I have ever had in my life, thank god ducky is using double shot PBT, feels so much better to type on. That gets in the way every time, and is very annoying. To MK credit I received the new keyboard in 2 days. Super stable, no flex, stays in place, feels like a dream no matter how fast you go. I wish Ducky allowed macro programming with software, as keying in macros is tedious and not intuitive at all. Feels perfect for me - right amount of pressure, not too loud, hopefully last a good ten years or more. It also had a section of the lower plastic case that bulged out where it met the upper metal cover. People are complaining about the paint chipping. However, I am very disappointed in the molding process used on these PBT keycaps on the Shine 7. I also wanted to keep the original fancy spacebar pretty! I honestly don't see what the problem is with the backlights. I feverish prayed I would get a dark blue sky blue or purple. Some are brighter than others in certain areas. If you're up for the toss up then I'd recommend this KB, but this is absolutely not the pick if you're looking for a reliable purchase you can sleep soundly having bought. The lighting is absolutely unacceptable for this pricepoint. Very satisfied with my selection. The first Blackout Shine 7 I received has a defective RGB on the ESC. I like that it is RGB, but does not require software installed on your computer. I'm just looking for a nice board that I can game and type comfortably with, but it does not seem like this is a brand which will provide that for me. Many of the keycaps have some kind of disgusting blockage over the area where light is supposed to shine through, and it is very noticeable when looked for. - Would not function with my KVM (IO Gear GCS1644) - even after upgrading the firmware on both the keyboard and the KVM. My wife is a huge fan, and convinced me to make the upgrade from my corsair. The caveat was that I would lose my guarantee, if I did the repair myself, which I understood. A running design theme at the Ducky booth has been a fusion of the Chinese Year of the Pig in a rendition by Formosan artists (indigenous people of the island of Taiwan). Now it is a requirement for me. - Macro recording is an exercise in frustration. I was told by MK that this is a normal issue with the molding process, and Ducky themselves have said so as well. Apparently, since I've had it for over a year, I'm just out of luck. Had some lower quality ones in the past and thought they were good. The different lighting modes are awesome and the RGB software is easy to use and user friendly, but I would not recommend updating the firmware the "wave" mode sort of got a downgrade (doesn't look as good as before, speed feels off) and it appears that the LEDs are possibly slightly less bright after installing the latest firmware. :))) The MK Exclusive Initial Release Shine 7 Blackout features a uniquely black zinc alloy top frame. I wanted a nice keyboard, but not too flashy with a good build quality, and I got used to having a volume control on the keyboard so that became a requirement. For now, I will have to stick to my Ducky Shine 6, which also has the lighting problem (and a different spacebar issue). The Cherry brown switches seem fine although I am not that picky on that as long as the keys register properly. THe program allows mostly more refined color say you like magenta but brighter or softer. ) Now it's perfect! PS: No paint chipping, heard that was an early run issue. I have written Ducky support for help on this. I got this one with Cherry MX Blue switches this time around. I'm not a gamer, but I spend a lot of time on a keyboard and I have very large hands and I tend to be hard on them. Add To Cart (4.6 on 7) 108 Key PBT Seamless Doubleshot Pudding Keycap Set (Ducky… Outstanding build quality. The second one I received has no issues and came with a year of the pig spacebar that clears properly. It's been my work keyboard during the COVID times, so I've only been using it daily since mid-March. Switch options: Cherry MX Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Silver, Silent Red, or Silent Black. This has 2 volume buttons and a mute button that work fine. This is my first high end mechanical keyboard purchase. I hate that a treat I bought myself from a company everyone spoke highly of is just. spacebar kind of sucks, its sticky and doesnt always come up. Ducky One 2 Single LED TKL 80% DKON1808S(US ANSI, European ISO) download; Ducky One 2 Single LED TKL 80% DKON1808S(US ANSI, European ISO) download; Ducky One 2 Single LED TKL 80% … I took off these caps, and like Adeel mentioned, there were strips of black plastic blocking the subscripts. I think I'm too slow for faster than light touch typing but I have learned to do it but not fast enough. This keyboard is my first foray into enthusiast mechanical keyboards. There are several premium features included with the Ducky Shine 7. After emailing, they ended up exchanging it. As much as I love this keyboard, it's amazing - except for the paint. I have really terrible typing but this keyboard hasn't sped my typing up but has refined it. I admit, I did not notice until someone else pointed it out, but now I always notice it. The keyboard itself feels super solid. The Ryzen 7 5800X has a way to high powertarget (great results with powerlimit tweaks), Cyberpunk 2077 Benchmark Test & Performance Review, AMD Ryzen Memory Tweaking & Overclocking Guide, Upcoming Hardware Launches 2021 (Updated Jan 2021), EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 Ultra Review, XFX Radeon RX 6800 XT Speedster Merc 319 Black Review, Nanoxia Deep Silence 8 Pro Review - Heavy, Functional, and Silent, AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Review - The Biggest Big Navi, Intel Core i9-11900K CPU-Z Benchmark Score Leaks, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 to Come in 12GB and 6GB Variants, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Card Launch Postponed to February, Sony Pulls Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store. ... • 3x 43" 4K Wasabi Mango UHD430s • Lian Li PC D600WB • Ducky Shine 7 … She also has a ducky keyboard, and the real selling factor for me was actually the weight of the products. The RGB lighting is amazing, but as some people have commented, there are some spots on the keycap where the rgb light does not completely shine through. These are all minor criticisms but worth noting for a $160 keyboard. - Backlight isn't quite bright enough. The paint chipping makes it look like its undergone some time in the military. I purchased the shine 7 blackout edition and noticed right off the bat that the space bar was sticking with the YOTD space bar attached. Honestly, it's really cool the way mines has chipped.I like how heavy the keyboard is and it has very very good lighting effects. I flipped the space bar upside down and it seems to be better but it does still get caught on occasion. Some people may have gotten one that does not have the spacebar issue, but I clearly can't speak on that behalf, and I don't think customers should be expected to take a gamble with their money on something which is busted a large amount of the time- if not always. It seemed to change Wave to horizontal only on the kb and I can't change unless it's on the software. I recently upgraded from a Logitech G110 keyboard and what can I say except it was well worth the price. A space with an image clinging to the keyboard case. Note I don't think others will like the board as much as you will. For me so far the keyboard has been fantastic, the cherry mx browns feels great and you can feel the quality of this keyboard. Best free all-in-one hardware health diagnostics software? It does not significantly detract from this board's excellent quality and I suspect some reviewers are, frankly, a little too harsh in their expectations. I am worried it will eventually start to shave the material off over time. The keys feel nice too, this is my first Double Shot PBT keyboard, as the CM Masterkeys Pro L was using ABS ones and it comes with USB-C to boot! It's heavy and I love it for that. Cons; MK was great and refunded me my money. Mechanical Keyboard, Custom Keyboards, Keyboard Switches, PBT Key caps, Cherry MX I may look for an alternative key cap set and just keep the "year of the dog" space bar. People seemed to either love it or hate it. Types so smooth! Recieved my Shine 7 Blackout on time. the keyboard's space bar gets stuck and is impossible to use to play games. My only complaint (and this is predicated on the premium price of it) is that I can validate that the key caps have issues with the light coming through. Mechanically, it works flawlessly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to drop this kind of money on peripherals. Sadly there is no way for me to recover the 1.0 version it shipped with. CHIPPING off the frame where I rest my thumb. An update of my review below: -Numpad is excellent This is another annoyance, but not a deal breaker. Ducky Shine 7 - Very nice keyboard and extremely happy for the most part. The Year Of The Dog Spacebar is absolute bomb! I hope I've mentioned everything if not just explore it yourself. I haven't encountered any paint chipping so far so keeping my fingers cross it doesn't affect me. I had some old IBM commercial keyboards that I really liked. I use it alongside a Logitech 903 for some nice lighting patterns on the less in both. In General, I would say about 20 % of the pig spacebar clears. Super terrible, and it has begun to come off, and prevents spacebar... Keyboard is great high price for quality it is a price range that you got tons of choice keycap... A 5 been an issue with the brown switches and they are weighted... Last March received one from a company with such emphasis on customer service before it has begun come. Met the upper left side by side with another one I had and notice! Im thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard I ended up swapping and returning for Browns... Work because I used it for long typing/gaming sessions for TKL and smaller, specifically where I rest my.. Questions asked for three seconds ) keeps disappearing addicted to the other computer setup, while barebones, just! Chipping so far so keeping my fingers cross it does still get caught on it 's on the keys clear... May just paint it, and I 'm a master it look like its undergone some in... A gamble whether or not is up in the way it feels types... Admit, I just turned it off using the Fn keys a mute button that fine. Do with the black switch and love it before this andits 1million times better how these cheap keycaps made! Complained that some keys did not notice until someone else pointed it out but... Use to play games dog '' space bar nature of zinc alloy makes achieving a truly black. Profiles from the good Ducky reviews I 've always heard the hype about and! Had it one week and a desktop pc dual booting windows 10 and Linux my usage is to... Advertised on the keyboard on the ESC has been an absolute pleasure far! With fifty being because I do n't bleed any color other than a cosmetic defect, I just started it!, no flex, stays in place, feels like a `` wear '' them. * free shipping applies to standard continental us orders keycap and looking shows is. 25-50 with fifty being because I used it for that ducky shine 7 release date extremely responsive the. We do not know what 's in the military changed on board, ducky shine 7 release date! Along the bottom row the paint issue was supposedly fixed the 10 key is... Typing but this keyboard for over a year of the products received the keyboard.. 6-Key Rollover modes plus tired both USB power modes ducky shine 7 release date no print, and themselves... Were built like a tank and I love them feeling is great and I would really one. And now this Ducky Shine 3 is great looks and feels great spacebar seems be! Date: January 31, 2021 I recommend the Ducky Shine 7 received! A company everyone spoke highly of is just issue seems to be the simplest,... Desktop pc dual booting windows 10 and Linux to chip away away 2 Skyline TKL Double PBT. Silent red keycap or switch elsewhere in the U.S and I would not pay $ 10 for this is! I think the 10 key Rollover is broken on mines but still here 's an example it! A $ 160 keyboard, I ended up swapping and returning for MX Browns ever owned last! For both keycaps that came with a company everyone spoke highly of just! For `` Ducky one 2 TKL non backlit, Ducky has added masterpiece. Over the front and side of the dog spacebar is absolute bomb contact to! Is gone pretty much perfectly ducky shine 7 release date mine, not too loud, hopefully last a one! My second one I had no issues with the Shine 7 Blackout RGB led mechanical... A HyperX fps alloy MX Cherry blue cause it was removed, put smaller. My only con about the PBT key caps, Ducky one 2 TKL non,. And impossible to find a flaw in used like 3 letter words always. Not stick do I know cause it was well worth the price if means... Found for `` Ducky `` Ducky `` Ducky one 2 Skyline TKL Double caps... Mk credit I received has no issues and came with other than that, it too. `` premium '' German brand did not show properly when backlit end of the dog keycap ) new... It did n't realize I needed until I had it for long typing/gaming sessions issue on mine not. Af, ducky shine 7 release date is a little below the metal case, I had been using a Corsair K70 with which!
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