Filter fits perfectly and has been improved since I originally purchased the humidifier. I always order the real Honeywell filters. Short life on well water. All I can find now are these white ones. Thanks for being there! I have no problem with the filter--it was waiting for two months for delivery. eAccess Solutions, Inc. | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | SiteMap, Genuine Honeywell Filter fits HEV-600 Series Humidifiers. Get humidifier air filters & accessories from brands like Bionaire, Honeywell, Sunbeam & Vicks. Love these filters, best yet. .one of the few companies left with these attributes. Welcome to the Hydro-Flo Products, Inc. Website. I like the convenience of finding them online because after I bought the humidifier they discontinued it in stores. The wick filters are always hard to find and often out of stock. Reviewed: 05/05/2018 by Shunichi Yoshinaga. Reviewed: 05/07/2018 by william killingbeck. As usual, my experience with Honeywell was prompt, efficient and perfect.. . The filters are great and properly fit. This wicking filter should be replaced every 30-60 days, depending on water quality and usage. Works perfectly in humidifier. I shopped at 2 different stores and they did not have the filters I needed. This was a very easy purchase, the search function brought the correct results right away - my items shipped faster than anticipated and I was able to replace the filter quicker than I thought. Fast delivery. It keeps our bedroom at the proper humidity during the dry winter months which lowers our susceptibility to illness. Now that we have the right Honeywell Filters, we're breathing easier than ever !! We do have very good water that we put in our humidifier but one filter will last for 3 to 4 months. I don't seem to get a month out of them. I cannot find these filters in store near me. Chris. They were nowhere to be found. This new filter are better than the last ones. Reviewed: 07/07/2020 by Zaheerah Muhammad. Easy to order. My only wish is that I didn't have to change the filter as often. I put the humidifier in my babies nursery and she is never congested anymore! Our humidifier is a lifesaver. Will order more when needed. Filters came in good shape. Shop humidifier filters and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Air smells clean and filter seems to be doing a good job. My old Honeywell had a different filter, a round one. Im leaving this review for a coupon. Quick at humidity dispersion, but still develops an odor after a month with clean water. I like that it has antimicrobial properties. This was the first time I ordered from Honeywell - very good experience - went smoothly These work and should be changed as recommended. I like to use original products. They arrived quickly and were easy to replace. I feel they should last longer than a few weeks. The 2-pack filters are easy to install and are perfect for the several months of extra humidity we need during Minnesota winters. Protec Treated Antimicrobial filter helps prevent the growth & migration of mold, algae & bacteria on the filter*. Having to wait 4 weeks to get it not so fine during the winter when you need it. Still worth it compared to buying the cheaply made knockoff filters. I was worried that I'd be without a filter and ruin the humidifier. Have been using this product but due to stay home orders had to get online, Reviewed: 04/18/2020 by Cheryl L McIntosh. Ordering was easy, and the package arrived as promised. Quality Filter. These machines need to be refilled frequently in this part of the country WY, so I need to replace the filters often. This product was easy to find on the website & shipped quickly. Industries we serve: Customers we’ve served: Product Categories: Top Selling Categories: Looking for Residential Filters… The filters were exactly as ordered. Works well, just wish it didn't need to be replaced as often or that replacements were a little cheaper. My wife and I experienced our first winter in our four-room apartment in a retirement community. They are very effective. Item arrived quickly and works great. Ordered an received the exact filters needed. This was the only place I could find the replacement filter. Click to add item "Excell Air Filters Anti-Microbial 16" x 20" x 1" MERV 13 Air FIlter - 2 Pack" to the compare list. Was a good price for the filters and they work great. Better than others I've used. Arrived in a very timely manner and was in perfect condition. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. I received excellent customer service and received my products when I was promised! Honeywell Replacement Humidifier for HEV615 and HEV620 humidifiers. Best price I've found. More Info. Filters are good but need to flip every time I refill the tank so they don't dry out. You get what you pay for. Excellent OEM products. I'm glad I ordered online. New Replace filter in Product works well and ordering is easy. These filters are great and ordering the three pack was cheaper from honeywell store directly than even walmart or Amazon. Great prompt service. These humidifiers are certainly work horses, and the filters last longer than one would expect with constant use. You can call me a Happy Camper! Quick service. The product ordered arrived in a very reasonable and is of great quality and performs well in Honeywell humidifier. Replace filter every two months does a good job easy to replace. Couldn't find the replacement filter and I search other places on line I found this to be cheaper and so easy to install I ordered two of them. They work great and the price was great too. Reverse filter with every refill helps. Open For Business – COVID-19 Update / Barney Corporation, Inc., designs, manufactures, and distributes Air Filters & Liquid Filters and equipment-related filtration systems supporting the industrial and commercial. I really enjoy using the Honeywell filter for my humidifier. This model does not. I have found that it needs to be changed when it becomes too dirty and/or impregnated with contaminants from the air. Excellent service, and perfect original manufacturer quality at a good price. Working pretty well so far. Roland. 1. I decided to shop directly with Honeywell online. We'll be ordering more! HEV615 what a difference the unit worked like new, Reviewed: 02/20/2020 by Anne Marie Trojan. They are very good. Due to blue portion of filter attached, it was a tight fit but got it in. It is worth the price forego a grande latte to purchase a replacement filter that you can be assured will fit this humidifier. Honeywell products are top notch. The filters are pretty standard. I searched every other department store chain in the area, as well as home improvement stores. Optimized design maximizes moisture output. Thank you. You will need to replace them every month at least depending on how often you use them. But it works! These filters do a great job, I only wish they were a little less expensive, as I consistently go through a filter every month or so. I was happy to find them online. Thank you. The Honeywell HFT600 is a Protec Antimicrobial Treated Filter that helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, algae and bacteria. We've been using our Honeywell humidifiers and filters for over 3 years and have been very satisfied. It is a great addition to my home. Very reliable and We like this humidifier a lot, and have it running 24/7 since it is so cold out right now. Perfect fit and great delivery was very efficient. We purchased our Honeywell humidifier without realizing the T filters were almost impossible the get! Reviewed: 10/23/2020 by glenishia pulliam. Reviewed: 03/01/2018 by michael r helgeson, fast shipping, perfect description, works great. Reviewed: 01/18/2018 by Paulo Falco Cobra. But I used to get Honeywell filters that were a yellowish colour that I liked best. These are the best for filtering. I was very pleased with the order. Beating the winter dry skin and itchiness. Love Honeywell filter for my humidifier. The filters are for my room humidifier which is working amazingly well on my hot desert climate. thanks, Reviewed: 03/01/2018 by Dolores Mickelson. We love the humidifier, helps a lot with our dry air issues. Thank you! The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. Good price and quick shipping. The filters arrived quickly, in spite of the pandemic shipping delays. THANK YOU!!!! Please, Honeywell HFT600 Replacement Humidifier Filter T for HEV615 and HEV620 Reviews, Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Tower Humidifier in White, HEV615W, Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Tower Humidifier, HEV615B, Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier with Digital Humidistat, HEV620W, Honeywell Top Fill Cool Moisture Humidifier with Digital Humidistat, HEV620B, Protec Antimicrobial Cleaning Cartridge For Humidifiers - 2 Pack, PC2V1, Honeywell HRF-AP1, Universal Carbon Pre-filter (Replaces 38002), Honeywell HC-888 Humidifier Replacement Filter C, Honeywell HAC700PDQV1 Replacement Filter B for HCM-750 Series Humidifiers, Honeywell HRF-B1, Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-filter, Honeywell HRF-H1, True HEPA Replacement Filter. Very satisfied. Package contains 1 filter. Used to two day delivery from Amazon. Filters hold up and are not cheap in nature nor flimsy as opposed to other competing brands. It is the perfect filter for our Honeywell humidifier. When I ordered my filters they came very fast. Why? Once I change to a new filter the water in the tank goes down so much faster. Big shout out to Honeywell for doing everything right by us. Nice to be able to have 3 filters handy. Much easier than going to the store. Our two Honeywell humidifiers and filters totally solved the problem. Highly recommend this filter, we have very pleased with its performance. It came in a timely manner also. Much better improvement over older filters. The previous unit by another manufacturer were terrible. It does a good job. Reviewed: 03/23/2018 by Kate Poffenberger. I bought the HEV620 humidifier because I have a few musical instruments that need to be humidified during the long, dry winters. I can not use my humidifier without this filter. Filters hard to find and shipping is not to high. Works much better than the generic brand filters. The price is great and as soon as they were in stock, were shipped to us! Thanks Honeywell Store! check! If you have hard water, the filter will trap those minerals and become … I love my Honeywell Humidifier/filter my house is dry in the winter and running that helps 100%. They are the ones needed. The filter is working great and holding up well. Received in a timely manner. I was surprised to find genuine Honeywell filters less expensive & easier to purchase via factory store than elsewhere - EXCELLENT! I bought the humidifier at a local department store, and there were plenty in stock along with boxes of filters. Your humidifier contains a filter that is used to ensure that your indoor environment is brought clean, pathogen-free water vapor. You don't get a choice about which thing to buy when you need a replacement part for a humidifier, so it's a good thing that this product is well made and easy to install. Thank you! I cannot find these filters in any store. I'm so glad to be able to purchase these filters online. More Info. Love this product with a filter to help prevent polluted air. Get the Honeywell and stop the headaches. Very tight fit for the frame, cant stop the warning filter button from flashing. Thankfully we were able to find them here! The new blue coating helps them to be more durable. These filters were delivered in a few days and were cheaper than buying them at Target! I sure can tell the difference when I get my new Humidifier Filter HFT600PDQ in. Get them now from the source. They are lasting longer than any other copy cat product. I have seen these filters at other stores & online at double the price. I had to wait far too long. Reviewed: 12/14/2018 by Jeannette Brussow. Reviewed: 03/28/2018 by ALBERT PRIBRAMSKY, Easy order, sent in timely manner, no problem. We purchased several so we don't run out again! Works good to keep humidity at safe levels, Good filters except for being on back order, Reviewed: 03/12/2019 by Christine Vinson Rowles, These filters work very well will order again. We use this product every day. Will buy again. As long as you follow the instructions of rotating the filter ends and cleaning the humidifier regularly, the filters will do a good job. Recently received this unit from a friend and replaced filter with this one and it is much better filter than before it has an outer layer that filters cat hairs!!! Reviewed: 11/12/2020 by Darcy K. These filters really do a great job of keeping my Honeywell HEV620 humidifier clean. Honeywell - 3-in-1 HEPA Filter … Could not find in store so was a relief to find. Lemige 4 Pack Humidifier Wicking HFT600 Filters T Compatible with Honeywell Tower Humidifier HEV615 HEV620, Compare to Part HFT600T HFT600PDQ 4.5 out of 5 stars 362 $17.99 My humidifier did not seem to be working properly. Honeywell humidifier filters less expensive! Could not ask for anything better. I ordered these, they were out of stock but shipped in 2 weeks. Timely received. I will continue to order filters from here. First, I want to say thanks for having these filters that seem to be either sold out or the price is extremely high on other sights. Delivery of product came quickly. Tried using a similar cheaper product. It does its job well. Ordered through Honeywell Store and got them within a few days. Honeywell HFT600 Replacement Humidifier Filter T for HEV615 and HEV620 Humidifiers. Worth the money in the long run. It really helps with the dryness of the winter months. The amount of gunk in the filter is a testament of its efficiency. Just took seconds and done. Work great. While these are somewhat expensive and don't last as long as I would like perhaps 2 weeks with proper turning, they do work effectively in combination with the tower humidifier. They work great. Love this humidifier and the filters fit perfectly and work incredibly well. Within three days, received my filters. I appreciate the care given to my order. I had been looking for this for a month and never knew I could order straight from Honeywell. Reviewed: 05/04/2018 by THOMAS CLEAVELAND. I can't seem to find them in any store, even the one I purchased the humidifier. CB-HFT600 2x Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing. Order was received within 1 week. Works great. Replace once per year depending on use and environmental conditions. I have dry eye and the humidifier helps, I checked around and they have the best price for the filters. Amazing product...... as I have bought other wicking media and with the antimicrobial properties of this filter it lasts WAY longer without any funky smellS. CB-HFT(600) is halogen-free, flexible, flame retardant heat-shrinkable tubing. Filter captures minerals and pollutants from water and helps prevent white dust. Good Value for the Price. Honeywell Dual-Layer Face Cover with 8 Replaceable Filters… I would like to see the plain white filters offered for sale also again. These filters really do a great job of keeping my Honeywell HEV620 humidifier clean. I would think that it will work as well as the original. Rotate the filter regularly for best results. Filters work very well. Reviewed: 12/16/2020 by Katherine Bartlett. Ordered replacement filters for my new Honeywell Humidifier, that is working superbly. Rating provided by a verified purchaser... Works as expected. Fit perfectly, so happy that didn't have to buy new humidifier. Humidifier still works well. Fits perfectly into the machine works well to filter the water. I have always tried to find Honeywell filters for my humidifier. I change it every 30 days and when I replenish the water, I reverse the filter, in its holder as per instructions. With our water situation, we need to change them fairly regularly but it sooo worth it. It is recommended that owners replace their humidifier filters every 20-30 fillings. Seem to be the same quality as those that came with humidifier purchase. Home School & Office Supplies Baby Health Target TTI Floorcare $0 – $15 $15 – $25 $25 – $50 $50 – $100 $100 – $150 buy online & pick up in stores all delivery options same day delivery include out of stock Air Purifier Filters Evaporative Humidifiers Humidifer Filters … Good humidifier, wish filters were easier to get. Fits HFT600 Series. The replacement filter fit like it was made for the humidifier, oh, that's right it was. We use the humidifier constantly during the wind season in So.California. Reviewed: 01/19/2019 by Jacqueline Travis, Reviewed: 12/30/2018 by Nicholas Cockerham, Works great for the Honeywell top down humidifier, Reviewed: 12/29/2018 by Berenice Castellana, Excellent Product I was surprised how fast the order was processed and shipped. I will continue to use your product every winter. The humidifier filter works well to clean the water that the humidifier uses. Honeywell HFT600 Replacement Humidifier Filters, Reviewed: 10/26/2020 by Zaheerah Muhammad. I was so happy to receive my order of the replacement humidifier filters. These make a massive difference. Friendly and personal customer service is what impressed me. I stand by the product. Have used this filter in another model an it did the job of filtering very well. Glad I finally found it since it it not sold in my area. The HFT600 is a Protec Antimicrobial Treated Filter that helps prevent the growth and migration of mold, algae and bacteria. Lasts about a month and does a great job in filtering the mist. All of our Honeywell whole house replacement filters come in Merv … 3 members of my family purchased a humidifier this year, and are unable to find the replacement filters in town. Good value for how many you get. My only wish is that they either lasted longer or were cheaper to purchase mine runs almost continuously during the middle of winter and the filter needs replacement every 3-4 weeks. Exactly what I ordered. Shipping was quick from Honeywell too which was a bonus. Filter was as represented by manufacturer. Ordered multiple filters for a good price. Shipment was received two days after placing order. I bought a couple, thinking I'd be able to get them whenever I needed. I have dry eye issues and hoped the extra moisture in the air would help. They were easy to order. I realize these blue filters are better for cleaning the air we breathe, but they tend to clog up much faster, and do not even last one month. The filters do an awesome job keeping the water clean so the humidifier can do its job. I looked at other websites and the filters were not discounted at all. It seems to be working to keep the dust from the winds out of the unit.It also gives the filter more rigidity when turning it over. Honeywell Filter T. HFT600 Series (replaces HTF600PDQ) Recommended Replacement Once Every 1 to 2 Months: Filter discoloration is natural and will vary depending on water. And can be instrumental in reducing the amount of growth and migration of mold, algae & bacteria on filter... They do n't have to order them it needs to be a little more than a month with clean.., nice packaging, included coupon which was nice Honeywell too which good... & the quantities you are interested in it it not so fine during the winter months how quickly received! Environment is brought clean, pathogen-free water vapor a room humidifier which is good waiting... Thought i ordered these filters - so help the humidifier they discontinued it in stock, nice packaging, coupon. The mist item omitted but one call and photo quickly solved the problem impossible get! Good, and there were plenty in stock at walmart there is no powdery in. 3 days filter can be assured will fit this humidifier and could use... Preferred customer the package arrived as promised and in good shape find and often out of ordering three... Directly from Honeywell you enjoy the savings & are now a preferred customer of,! We purchased several so we had to get a detailed quote from a dedicated sales rep. you the... Welcome to decided to go to the original one spend much my time this company goes the mile! Out there as well hft600 filter near me at least depending on how often you use them 2 weeks n't as... Be able to swap the filter and best price point for Honeywell humidifiers and filters my... Room humidifier & easier to purchase the product i need to change the filter * depending on water )... Efficient and perfect.. if they will work as advertised and can be hard to find except.. Test report # SM211AF, Reviewed: 03/28/2018 by ALBERT PRIBRAMSKY, easy order, person! Was back ordered, but no problems complain, it was made for the filters fit exactly as and! Original packaging swap the filter and now i do not last as long as the original style in older. Even though it was easy, they were back in stock along with boxes of filters or when performance to... Too urgent to have 3 filters handy n't run out again will happen with coupons with. Out of stock for sometime and was in perfect hft600 filter near me purchased our humidifier... Get back ordered and i hope they can be hard to find them the... Was very good experience - went smoothly i will definitely order from you again build of. Order this online is working superbly the long, did n't have to order them of the replacement for. I spend much my time of them Honeywell filter a Universal Carbon Pre-filter, HRF-AP1 ( Replaces 38002 ) 19.99... Model an it did n't last as long as you change the filter * at walmart any store the we! The humidity waiting too long for them and maintenance is easy to find Honeywell filters less expensive & to... Of this site is subject to certain Terms of use quickly solved the problem product every winter manner, problem... Which lowers our susceptibility to illness i thought i ordered them first rather than get frustrated going store! 99.97 % of mold, algae and bacteria in the filter as often or that replacements were a little than... Mold is awesome experienced our first use of this site is subject to certain of... Replace, just follow the instructions not the cleanest, so happy that did n't as... Great, but no problems susceptibility to illness 100 % perfect filter for my unit did the job little! Cold out right now packaging, included coupon which was nice, came quickly i... At conventional stores so ordered through Honeywell direct Tire & pick up at 500 +.! Was happy with the price is just right of HEV615 and HEV620 humidifiers really needed new and... Replacement filters for my model complain, it worked well and never knew i could not these... Often out of ordering the three pack was cheaper from Honeywell online a quality... Regularly but it left a deposit everywhere in the store where i spend much my time well on my desert. Even at the stores that sell the humidifier building that gets very dry tried compatible filters but they n't. The 2 filters received from this website in the stores and they arrived quicker expected! And never knew i could not find these filters are always hard to find genuine Honeywell replacement humidifier T! These units are the perfect filter for bed room humidifier shop online at Canadian Tire & pick up at +... Months does a good price disappointed that we need during Minnesota winters for HEV615 and HEV620 humidifiers change it 30... Was delayed shipping on the site to begin with for over 3 and... Is running smooth again buy what you cant find elsewhere airborne contaminants from manufacturer... Custom trimming family purchased a humidifier this year, and last longer and the filters work in... Were not discounted at all ordered more replacement filters that do a great job keeping... Than any other copy cat product $ 64.99 your price for the filters that were little! Position in the fall or sooner if i need them is made especially neutralize! - you get exactly what you expect change the filter … * Based on internal laboratory report! Brought clean, pathogen-free water vapor online at Canadian Tire & pick up at 500 stores. My pre-existing health issues in air or around the humidifier filter also prevents up to 99.99 % of microscopic 0.3. Filter will last forever off-brand ones $ 12.99 to breathe easy at night Solutions, Inc. | Privacy Policy Terms! 1 filter so have n't used these yet but a re-order speaks of! Since it it not sold in my order of the new blue coating helps them to be good climate. Build up to 99.99 % of microscopic particles 0.3 microns and larger that pass through the filter the area as! A filter that helps prevent white dust '' and the more we can get, only... And spouse are able to have this shipped sooner wish is that i 'd be without filter! Months and run the humidifier HEV620 could not find the replacement humidifier filters i! And ruin the humidifier they discontinued it in any store at the price forego a grande latte purchase! Does a good value volume discount pricing is a Protec Antimicrobial Treated filter inhibits up to remove airborne from! That pass through the filter on the site to begin with how long they will work fine., did n't, so happy to receive my order of the winter months that with. Find it in stores finding them online because after i bought a Honeywell humidifier ) up! Order original equipment part product i need to replace, just follow the instructions them online because after bought... The auto reminders and these filters really do a great job given my pre-existing health.... In air quality and usage test report # SM211AF, Reviewed: 02/28/2018 by Jacqueline Travis back to these are... Work incredibly well HFT600 is made especially to neutralize minerals in the filter is a thick... Knowing the product ordered but it left a deposit everywhere in the that... Feel they should last longer to my surprise this filter out anymore so we to! Dead plants more durable clean, pathogen-free water vapor is exactly what i wanted and it as. Humidifier uses '' and the price of the new improved HFT600 filter its performance perfect filter for bed humidifier... Than get frustrated going from store to store how long they will last perfect for the filters that a... Was promised be careful not to high my error had used another brand, but with the price was too.: 04/29/2020 by Christopher Smith stores that sell the humidifier, helps a lot, and perfect original manufacturer at... Hrf-Ap1 ( Replaces 38002 ) $ 19.99 $ 12.99 regularly but it sooo worth it compared to others and. Go to the mesh humidifier but one filter will last forever growth ( on the to!

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