To book your Static Line Course, call us at (937) 372-0700 or come on down to our dropzone located at 177 S. Monroe Siding Rd in Xenia, Ohio (click here for directions). Parachute jumps are conducted with the use of static line military systems (i.e. Please check the details for your chosen centre on the locations page. A Static Line Jump is defined as “a parachute jump during which deployment of the parachute is initiated by a static line attached to the aircraft.” The Static Line Jump is the “traditional” way to learn to skydive. Static line is a line of cable or webbing, one end of which is fastened to the parachute, the other to some part of the aircraft, used to activate and deploy or partially deploy the parachute as the student falls away from the aircraft. These occupations may require additional education, training or experience. A static line parachute jump is the very first step to becoming a certified skydiver. Airborne Instructors in 1977. Static-Line Parachuting is an alternative method of getting qualified to the Accelerated Freefall course. Since 2006, Liberty Jump Team has been performing military style static-line parachute jumps from World War II C-47 aircraft on historic drop zones used by paratroopers during the Invasion of Europe, D-Day, on the night and early morning hours of June 5 / 6, 1944. STATIC LINE COURSES DAILY – CALL TODAY!!! All images © UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd Registered Company in England & Wales 6708098Â. These months do not have to be consecutive. e. -is the chute deployment very violent (dome chutes and ram-air chutes)? Military static-line jumps ceased to relevant for civilian licenses shortly after the military stopped selling surplus canopies intact. We use ground to air communications with their students so they are able to get back to the Drop Zone and have a soft, gentle, on target landing. There is a maximum weight limit which varies  from centre to centre. If you know, tell a Joe! Parachute jumping is a weather dependant sport and whilst the weather doesn’t affect the ground training, you and your supporters need to be prepared for some waiting around whilst you wait for the right conditions for your jump. So you don’t hesitate. Once safely on the ground, you will receive a de-brief from your instructor before being presented your certificate for completing your Static Line Parachute Jump.Â, This is a 1-2 day course depending on weather conditions and time of year, as well as the centre’s policy.Â, Static Line Parachute Jumping whilst slightly more demanding than tandem skydiving, does give you an immense sense of personal achievement.Â, Your experience doesn’t have to stop there. To search for related civilian job opportunities, go to the Veteran’s Employment Center. Skydive Coastal Carolinas 4019 Long Beach Rd SE Southport, NC 28461 » Get Directions Phone: (910)-457-1039 That is, I did not have to pull a rip cord. There’s never a dull moment as a Parachute Jump Instructor (PJI) in the Air Force. However if you wish to talk to a member of our Sales Team, please call us on 01869 278706. The overall injury rate was 7.1 per 1000 descents. No previous experience is necessary and it takes just 6 hours of parachute lessons to prepare you for your first solo static line parachute jump! The Jump Master will throw you out of the plane … smiling and swearing … if you hesitate. In a static line jump, the parachute is deployed automatically as soon as the jumper exits the plane. You jump. If Static Line Parachute jumping is on your to do list and you want the added satisfaction of doing it on your own, then after completing the RAPS (Ram Air Parachute System) course, you can be jumping solo from 3,500 feet using an advanced modern rectangular parachute. The training day prepares you for the first jump. Whilst you must be within the limit for your chosen centre, you also must not exceed the weight limit for your height as stated in the table on the BPA Form 115C. The course comprises of a minimum of six hours of ground training, followed by your first parachute jump from 2,000ft. To use a Military Parachute, you take an oath and sign on the dotted line. Training ... Navy, or Marines or by civilians who learn how to make a jump and do so in about four hours at civilian jump schools around the world. Jump #3, 4 & 5 4000 Ft $75.00 each Check deployment device prior to climb-out. A tether attached to the airplane automatically opens … Not sure if the Static Line Parachute Jump is the right course for you? Generally I would say no they don’t continue once civilian. You should expect to jump from around 4000ft. Learning how to identify malfunctions and operate your reserve parachute. As skydiving student equipment diverged, experience with front-mounted reserves and non-steerable round canopies became less and less relevant. : When I was in, I never went Airborne. From conducting static line training courses to advanced free-fall training and a host of other responsibilities, you will find it an exhilarating and adrenalin-charged career. You can continue Static Line Parachute Jumping for as little as £35 - £40 per jump (jumps vary for each centre).Â, You could be experiencing your first solo free fall skydive after completing just 5 Static Line Parachute Jumps and be well on your way to becoming a qualified skydiver!Â, No previous parachuting or skydiving experience is required.Â. Static-Line Jump. For more information about these occupations, click on the civilian occupation below. designator will be changed to static-line parachutist (PJ) and a personnel diary entry to that effect will be made as follows: “CH designator to (PJ)”. Now that I am out, I am wondering if there is a civilian equivalent of Airborne School, perhaps run by prior service military. Depending on the time of the year and weather permitting, you will either make your Static Line Parachute Jump on the same day, or the following day after some revision parachute lessons. Static line is the original, best known method of learning to skydive. Is there a civilian static line equivalent of Airborne School (not skydiving)? An Airborne physical current within 5 … The quickest and easiest way to book, is by going to our Booking Page and then follow the very simple steps. When it is safe to do so, one by one, you will be despatched from the aircraft by your instructor and your Static Line Parachute will open automatically as you leave the aircraft. Three of the 11 jump deaths involved static-line jumps, in which the parachute opens immediately after leaving the plane. If there is bad weather on the day of a scheduled Static line course, we will still train you for your jump. All my jumps were on a static line. The only way to get your license is to start skydiving, and there is no better place than with us. Here at Skydive Greene County, we have classes through out the year, taught by USPA licensed Instructors.

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