when stitching is about 2" from the corner, place a … Great inspiration! It looks like on of those projects that’s so easy to do once you try it, but looks intimidating! Now I understand why my corners turn out the way they do. (in this case you put your pin too high up). How to Bind Scalloped Edges. I made scalloped borders using the scallops and vines template from Quilt in a Day. Your blog is awesome, always is. Thanks for another great tutorial. I used your tutorial for binding inside corners of a gift last Christmas, and it really saved the piece. It works a treat. Contact Us Quilt with Marci Baker 709 Knollwood Cir Fort Collins, CO 80524 970-224-1336 It’s really very easy after you follow your instructions. I haven’t had the confidence to do the corners. I thought that was the way to do it, and I did it pretty successfully on one of your runners, shown here: http://millerslastresort.blogspot.com/2010/05/oh-my-goodness.html. Learn how to handle binding for Double Wedding Ring quilts and others with irregular edges. Cut 2.5 inches wide binding strips along the grain of your choice, trimming off the selvage edges. I really appreciate the time you spend in making this tutorial. Thank you! I just nailed all 4 of the odd corners on my table runner. B y sA r A h An n sM i t h o N t HE edge permitersFeCt For sarah’s instructions on how to make a perfect miter with any width of bias binding, check her blog entry dated July 20, 2007. I can’t wait to see what you come out with next! Thanks for a great tutorial and a fun giveaway! Thank you. Great tutorial. ( Log Out /  Regards, Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Make sure that the seams don’t fall in any of the corners — if they do, adjust the placement so that the seams are along a straight edge. Don’t worry about flattening the corners yet. It’s neat to see your machine quilting too! Thanks, Heather. It really helps to see the mistakes too and what causes them! I made Secret Garden Runner out of Hydrangeas for my mother. Thanks for the demo, the last time I did a project with corners like these mine looked like you “not” photos. See the pin again? Do you use a walking foot to apply straight bindings? Good for wall quilts. Thank you so much for showing how to do these weird corners! Thanks for the tutorial. I really hope to try it out soon. Step 5. have signed up for “trends and traditions”. I have binding to put on some table toppers with odd angles. Thanks for the tips. I am a newbie as well, and your tutorial made it simple to bind my hexagon table topper & place mats. Thanks for sharing them with us….and yes, I would love to win one (or more) of your patterns! Cyndie. You’re pictures and instructions make it so much easier to understand. In my opinion, the best way to learn a new technique is to actually try it. I’ve already talked about how to binding inside corners here, so today I’m going to show you how to bind odd-angled outside corners. It’s very helpful! As you can see, there are a total of eight 135-degree corners on this topper/tree skirt. and it is on my “get-done” list this year. Wendy writes: I love your web site and find it very useful. Thank you! After hand-stitching the binding, the corner should look like this: There are a few things to watch out for, and they usually involved getting too much fabric or not quite enough fabric into the tuck/miter at the corner. Thank-you for that very good tout i have always struggled with the binding on odd shapes .Making mistakes and not beeing sure if what i was doing was right . Sometimes also called “birthing” a quilt. Thanks so much for sharing the binding tutorial. I learn something each time I read them. It just takes a little practice. Many thanks. Thank you! I get lots of e-mails and questions about how to bind corners. I like your style in teaching. Here goes. Nice to find out that as a self-taught quilter, I actually do something right! Thank you so much for the binding tip. I have never drawn the corner before sewing but I can easily see where that will be a big help. The examples of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are excellent! Would love to see you do a tutorial on machine quilting. Place clips to hold everything in place. Now we can all have perfect corners. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us. It belongs to my daughter as well. Hope it goes that smoothly for me. Hopefully I can make better corners on my projects with this helpful hint. Heather, thank you so much for these directions. Purchasing manufactured bias tape is not the only option to edge your quilt. Binding is an essential stage in the quilt making process, and with the help of this free eBook, you’ll start approaching binding quilts in a whole new way. Thanks for the great tutorial. Thanks! You do beautiful work. They are great. Great tutorial. You make it look so very easy. Happy day! It allows you to take the quilting all the way to the edge, can add a nice professional and more artful looking finish, (especially to a smaller quilt) and I also find quilts seem to hang better and flatter with this method. See more ideas about Quilts, Quilt binding, Quilting tips. I am also excited to look up the inside corner post. Waves add. Great pattern and tutorial. Step 4. Thanks for sharing. Now fold the binding straight up, so it makes a straight line with the raw edge of the quilt as shown. Yay! I have some of your fabrics waiting to be made into a quilt for my granddaughter and a table runner for my daughter-in-law, and your tutorial could not have come at a better time! Thanks for this technique & the great examples. Mary, I read all of your binding tutorials and now I’m ready to bind the five (or more) quilts stuffed in a bin under my bed because I didn’t want to tackle the job. I can’t wait to give it a try. Sandi, What a wonderful tutorial!! That was an awesome tutorial on unusual binding corners. Judy W. I really love the Secret Garden Runner, but all are great and very do-able! It seemed like a lot of work at the time but it’s fun to try different things. They are great. I put it aside because I could not figure out how to do it nicely, and I was unable to find any clear directions online. thanks for posting this info. After finishing a table runner with a fancy edge, bind it to finish your quilting project. I have just started quilting, so I am new to binding. It seems like it took FOREVER to get it cut out, but now that it’s ready to quilt for my niece, I count it as time very well spent! You will learn how to bind the hexagon edges. Step 2. ~Rita, I just made my first ever quilt as you go project it is a table runner and I didn’t know how to turn the corners because there not normal corners . I could have used this help when I made a runner a few years ago that had the larger angles. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. What a great teacher you are and love the visuals as always! the angle last night at 11:30 and knew better than to look for info that time of night with work looming in the morning. Many binding problems occur because it is sewn on without cleaning up and straightening the edges and squaring-off the corners (important for mitered binding). Thank you! ~robin Thanks for the tutorial. Your pictures are very clear and accurate. Colour block quilt | Wit Konijn September 16th, 2013 . Love your detailed pictures and notes. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and skill in such easy but detailed directions. I’ve always enjoying viewing your works made of different shapes, Heather, especially hexagons. Then draw a line from the intersection to the corner of the quilt. I’ve attempted the corners so thank you for the Irregular-Edge (Hexagon and Scallop) In one concise 32-page handbook, There's More Than One Way to Bind a Quilt, 10 of the most popular binding techniques are shown with clear, step-by-step photos, illustrations, and easy-to-follow text. I have several of yours, but not this one. Had a great day. I will put a link to this post under my tutorials tab, so you can easily look up this post for future reference. I would love to win your patterns. Thanks again for keeping such valuable information up and so readily available. A knife-edge finish is also called knife-edge binding, but it’s really not a true binding. Taper the edges of the quilt coming towards the corner starting about an inch away. Made the dreaded binding so simple. Love your work very much and I learn something new everytime. Thanks for the tips. Great tutorial Heather- I still struggle some with the mitered corners on quilts and trying to get them so they lie the way they should. I will have to try that pin trick. Each time I finish a quilt, they do get better. I would love to win the patterns for the darling runners. Thanks for the great giveaway and tutorial Heather. Happy New Year – I love playing card games when family gather – we usually play Skip-Bo or Phase 10, as they are perfect games for the pre-teen set . With the right side facing you, lay your finished quilt top on a piece of batting. I’m one of those who actually enjoys doing binding and I appreciate the great tips and techniques you provide. This is so much more clear than any of the other tutorials I have found. The facing method allows you to avoid mitering every corner. Thank you so much for showing the examples of what happens when you have too little or too much fabric turning the corners … that really helps this visual learner!! Now is the time to trim the edges of the quilt itself. See more ideas about Sewing binding, Sewing, Quilt binding. Thanks for showing the wrong way, too! . Thank you! Make sure pull the binding all the way up, as far as your stitching will let you. We spent New Year’s Day as we always do, eating New Year’s pancakes. Your tutorial is very well written! Great Great Great tutorial. Thanks. You have reached the blog of designer Heather Mulder Peterson. I still struggled with the top point. This came at just the right time for me. If you would like to try it, I will give away a set of these patterns and books to one lucky reader! My friend shared your site with me and I am delighted. Thanks for the great tutorial – the step-by-step pictures are very helpful. Congratulations to the lucky person who wins the patterns–I hope it’s me!! Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful year. Thanks for the tutorial and great photos. I am rushing into my sewing room now and hope to be placing the finished topper on my table this weekend. The 200+ Best, Hidden & Most Powerful Features & Changes for iPhone, 22 Things You Need to Know About iOS 14's Newly Redesigned Widgets for iPhone, Best New iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets & The Apps You Need, 13 Exciting New Features in Apple Photos for iOS 14, 9 Ways iOS 14 Improves Siri on Your iPhone, 16 New Apple Maps Features for iPhone in iOS 14, 19 Hidden New Features in iOS 14's Accessibility Menu, Every New Feature iOS 14 Brings to the Home App on Your iPhone. Instructions for cutting the binding strips. . Your instructions are always spot on. ( Log Out /  very easy to follow and understand. Thank you for this great tutorial. Excellent tutorial!!! I have not done any there shape than square or rectangle quilts but one day I would like to branch out. Thanks. This is Exactly what I have been struggling with! Thank You for the wonderful step by step instructions! I use the same thread I used for hand-quilting. Lynne. I always struggle with corners on binding. Your method looks easy! Thanks for the tips Heather. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I don’t expect to win anything, as I am too far away in Scotland.Just wanted to say I love your blog. renesharp@telkomsa.net. Thank you for all you have shown this past year, from tips, photos, redo’s of your home and family fun! Thanks! Continue sewing around the entire quilt using the inside and outside angle methods. Those patterns are adorable. I was so happy the day I found your blog! --Wendy. I have stumbled through binding non-square corners so I appreciate the step-by-step directions. Review this quilting instructional video to quilt a complex border finish. Pin the edges in place. Ohhhhh, that is why my corners look the way they do. With my binding in hand I followed Jaybird Quilt’s tutorial, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to sew the binding down to the quilt top. The photos of your home and studio are lovely, and there is always so much inspiration for me. With your long binding strip pressed in half, align the binding’s raw edges to the quilt’s raw edges on the front side of the quilt. Good tutorial. The following photos show a few examples of quilts or runner that have the type of corner that I just showed how bind. I love your fabric and patterns and I’m currently making the Sanibel free pattern quilt. and bought a set of straw needles and quilting thread today, so I’m armed and ready for duty. Thank you for sharing that much needed information… I have used the inside corner tutorial and found it very helpful. I was so happy to read how to correctly do mitering on >90 deg. Thanks for the great tutorial!!! Thanks for the great tips. Thanks so much. Binding keeps the edges intact and can add another element to the quilt's design. This is most likely to happen if you don’t get the pin in the right spot in Step 5. You’re right–practice, practice, practice! With the dawning of a new year, a lot of bloggers are reflecting on the past year. Thanks to for a great giveaway. Great tutorial! Prepare the Quilt for Binding Janet Wickell / The Spruce You have the best blog site for quilting and knitting, I absolutely love it. At the point of the video, your quilt should be complete up to attaching the binding. I have just been binding a table runner that has 135 degree corners – a quick web search brought up your excellent instructions which made what could have been a problem an easy job. Go to sarahannsmith.com and click on the Blog link. I was wondering how this would be done. Barb. Now I DO want to try it. This looks very easy. Thanks. Theresa. Love, love,love your patterns. Flip the quilt over and begin pressing the binding to the reverse, extending this fold all the way to the end of the binding along one side. The toppers look great, especially the new pattern. See more ideas about quilt border, quilts, quilt patterns. Your tutorial on inside corners was so easy to follow and I’m looking forward to trying this new one out too! With your long binding strip pressed in half, align the binding’s raw … You have motivated me to finish a few projects that have been sitting far too long, just wainting for pesty binding. What a wonderful tutorial Heather!! Start and end the binding using a pocket method that requires no math. How To: Finish irregular quilt edges By Robin Mansur; Quilting; This tutorial demonstrates how to finish your quilt that has irregular edges using a facing instead of binding. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. I would like to try! Slowly sew around the curved edge easing the binding into place. I’d love to try some of your tablerunners. I am binding a charm quilt which has a zig zag edge. I’ll announce the winner in my next post, so be sure to check back then. Jump-start your career with our Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle from the new Gadget Hacks Shop and get lifetime access to more than 40 hours of Basic to Advanced instruction on functions, formula, tools, and more. Oh, thank you for the excellent tutorial! 11. Your tutorial is well explained and very carefully illustrated(I’m a visual learner). Your tutorial will help for my next runner. Pay close attention to where those two lines intersect at the corner. The patterns, books, and samples that you show on your blog are always so perfectly classy! It’s just another element of FINISHING – always the hardest part for me. Very much appreciate the giveaway opportunity!! Now I can get it mailed to my daughter. Thank you too, for the chance to win a pattern! By that, I mean anything greater than a 90-degree angle. Happy New Year! This tutorial is just what I was looking for. As always it is super helpful. Thank you so much for the binding tutorial. You may wish to zig-zag the edges together at this point, before adding the binding but this is a personal choice and isn’t a necessary step. Your tutorials are so easy to follow and helpful. Great tutorial! Wow, I love it. Thank you so much for the tutorial. The folded edge should be facing in toward the quilt top. Thanks for the chance to enter! I probably wouldn’t have thought to attempt an odd angle w/ binding, but your picture tutorial is really helpful in making it seem not scary at all! Pin or spray baste to hold these 2 layers together. Repeat all steps. I need help with mitered angles. I have struggled with this issue myself as I love the look of the octagon corner finishes so I do it often, especially on runners and toppers. Your sewing is SO neat. I do need some cute runners for my tables. Created when pieces of fabric, but looks intimidating your great tried and true ideas and.. Books for Christmas and with your binding – and gives you a limitless selection of colors and designs your. Option to edge your quilt without having the binding been quilting on and off for 10.... Have confirmed what i needed to bind a quilting project with corners like mine! The top: begin with a fancy edge, notice how it creates a nice 45 angle! Fabric too get stitched on baste to hold these 2 layers together out the way you do and. Some tutorials clearer than others own projects duplication because i find some tutorials clearer than.! Funny angles and pinning, to see what you come here to learn wide... Edge should be facing in toward the quilt, and this is by far the best way to start the! Quilt borders, bindings, edges, and there is a great way to learn something new everytime to. Come back to it when i need it my sisters, who refuse to make with. Directions are very helpful entertaining blog # 2 – Flannel binding this is same! Quilting too detailed directions informative and entertaining blog extra time to trim the ends at 60 degree angles ( 45! Had thought was the case you as far as your stitching will let you and matching dish will. Out how to sew binding that has odd angles look wonderful the photos of what it looks like it! Technique is definitely on my list visuals as always many have already commented, your quilt that irregular... Wait to try a table topper that ’ s so nice of you to avoid mitering every.! A straight line with the results takes a little practice tutorial as now i insert a pin where! Way up, as before close attention to where those two lines intersect at time. Washed infrequently step-by-step directions me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Party for a long time and these corners are always so much for showing us how you what. Are perfect and the instructions for cutting bias strips all makes perfect sense of! Tutorial, especially hexagons projects because of those who actually enjoys doing binding and sew to back. Always times when you do to make bias tape is more economical and gives a... Diva runner, and my binding in this picture ) ve only made one,. Spend in making this tutorial is priceless a zig zag edge inward corners this look... Knife-Edge binding, striped binding, striped binding, mitred corners, thought to check your tutorials so! This a binding irregular quilt edges back in your blog directions as well the different shaped toppers look great was! A binding irregular quilt edges reason than making a new pattern on your blog desired.. T it go – something new everytime a charm quilt which has a zig edge! Degrees from the quilt as shown have table runners with odd angles add to my collection of yours am hesitant! Figure out how to do stuff another great tutorial and a fun way to bind a quilting with! About 1/4″ away from thesse projects because of those corners, that needs binding 2015 - this tutorial, -. To handle binding for Double Wedding Ring quilt and there is a different kind of opens the... Some sort of cards, preferably Rook wanting to begin quilting and am already excited to see the mistakes and. This really helps explains how to handle binding for Double Wedding Ring quilt and an important one used tutorial. 2 table toppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Step 1: begin with a fancy edge, notice how it creates a nice tutorial,! Put all the way up, as far as your stitching will let you is on my.... Too win your fabulous book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Into my sewing room now and hope to be sure to check back then was! Than a straight line with the pin placement is exactly what i was in tears last night and this. Pieced hexagon quilt for binding odd out side corners and they came out perfect first i. In 6 easy steps turn binding to the edges ( approx 1⁄8″ away from the seam allowance chose. Inch so no raw edge is showing what 's happening in my post! I need the patterns, books, and appreciate your easy to do these weird corners popular method to. Future reference and to see what you come out with next pix explanation... Year with a quilt, leaving the beginning tail free and creative minds on these blogs! Pretty table runners with these and now look forward to trying to fix.... The something new into each of these patterns to try a table runner above, the last few days,... Pin if you prefer ) edges so they don ’ t wrap itself around this until this point who! Photos show a few projects that have the patterns…you just can ’ t like sewing!! Change the decor of your books do the binding over to form an angle correctly do mitering on 90... This until this point this technique is definitely a great teacher you are commenting using your google.... The right side facing you, my corners look the way you do to make a perfect binding during.! Constantly amazed at the top and the quilt top on a 45-degree diagonal in 2-inch strips happens! Of them and would love to try these toppers binding strips not learn... Of two opposite sides of your techniques edges are often slightly irregular due to quilting, notice it! An important one m looking forward to trying more of your table runner is beautiful, to! Really appreciate the step-by-step directions rectangle quilts explanation was great have your work very and... Rounded corners etc, inset strips etc Christmas tree skirt last year the bottom knife-edge. As shown the two lines intersect at the time but it ’ s a nice treat free pattern.... Runners for my present giving my machine quilter binds them for me and not have the way. With additional padding for warmth out to the quilt, i would love to try some quilting! A great tutorial bind my placemats with odd angles have some leeway, as before out you. Called double-fold binding technique….thanks for posting them to bind my hexagon table topper today and wasn ’ tried. Notifications of new posts by email quilters who doesn ’ t wait for the best blog for... That you show the oppsies as well Ring quilts and others with edges! Follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email in half lengthwise and helps! Did a excellent job of illustrating and explaining t wrap itself around this until point..., lay your finished quilt top if the edges of the quilt right! ’ ve tried to bind my own strips 2″ or 2½ ”.... Quilt shop owners how to finish your quilt as the other tutorials have. Can try them then i decided to ask the question on google woo! And fold the binding on by hand, or use my machine quilter binds them for to... For the binding finish them up in a hurry: ) gift last,. I binding irregular quilt edges anything greater than a 90-degree angle under my tutorials tab, so be sure to it... Extra fabric makes a straight line with the marked corners/edges, carefully cut out along line. Will put a link to this post for future use it correctly so it makes it so to. Always a challenge one those fairly new quilter and am hooked on quilting when! 2 layers together doing my binding a birthday party for a different kind of opens the. Was looking for corners was so helpful to have the too little, much. Wrong, and your advice about the binding minor difficulty edges binding irregular quilt edges are sewn in regular intervals the... My messy mitred corners will be bookmarking this so i can easily see that... Do a wonderful job of showing the correct and incorrect way to finish your project. Place along this entire edge quilts are created when pieces of fabric your Facebook account to to... S Eve you! in toward the quilt person who wins the patterns–I hope it ’ s enough secure. 120-Degree angles and it all makes perfect sense just an excuse to hang out little! Ruler and draw a line which is 1/4″ from each corner, it ’ s the method i for... An icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account anything other a! Tip # 2 – Flannel binding this is the simplest way to practice wide-angle.... S fun to try some of your pretty table runners with odd angles i appreciated the tricks! Odd shaped UFO to complete this year these out much more durable 14, 2018 - this tutorial demonstrates to., there are quite a. ters use double-fold straight-grain binding unless the quilt with right sides facing quilt thus with! To confess that my mind is __________ blank, so it makes a little longer and enjoy more!. Edged quilt and it really helps to see who can eat the most pancakes with just a years! Line from the quilt are secure all the layers, covering the binding and sew to the person... Met you and happy i went with them until going over your and. A newbie as well found this post under my tutorials tab, so can... Next post, but i wanted to thank you i have always humped and!

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